Albi's story

This is a story of one of the greyhounds who celebrated his first birthday in Australia recently after his racing days in Macau came to an end. Albi's owner, Beth, wrote me his story and I would like to share it with you.

"The Canidrome was the worst racetrack in the world. When it was open one greyhound was killed each day and over 20,000 Australian greyhounds were killed at the Canidrome within its 55 years of being open, and the Canidrome got its main supply of greyhounds from Australia.

With more than 300,000 petition signatures from around the world and the help from Albano Martins, President of Anima Macau, Grey2kUSA worldwide, and Pet Levieri, on July 21st 2018 the Canidrome eventually closed its doors for the last time. This was a huge victory for greyhounds.

When the Canidrome closed there were 532 greyhounds left there to re-home and unfortunately 14-15 of those greyhounds lost the battle for life before they could go to a loving home. Around 60+ organisations from around the world came forward to take greyhounds and help re-home them to the US, UK, France, Italy and Australia.

Australia was lucky enough to get 18 of those greyhounds, and an amazing organisation called Greyhound Adoptions WA (GAWA) re-homed five of those 18 greyhounds here in Perth. Albi is one of the greyhounds living right here in Perth.

Albi was born in NSW and was sent to the Canidrome when he was only 2yrs old, spending 7yrs in the Canidrome when the track closed, three of GAWA’s volunteers went to the Canidrome to volunteer and help look after the greyhounds, and when they were there they met Albi and they were shocked to see what state he was in, his teeth were black, he was under weight, very introverted, and shy. Their kennels were the size of our toilet cubicle, and they had to sleep on the concrete floor.

When Albi came to Australia he had to spend 10 days in Melbourne quarantine and then on June 7th 2019 they were released from quarantine when five of our (GAWA) volunteers were there to pick them up and bring them home to Perth. About a month later Albi had all but three of his teeth removed, and then in late September Albi and one of the other Macau hounds had a joint Birthday Party.

Albi turned 9 and is now loving life with his other siblings. All of these greyhounds Albi, Faith, Ivy, Grace, and Hope are now living their lives to the fullest because of the persistent of GAWA and their team, Albano Martins, Grey2KUSA, and Pet Levieri, and the foster carers from Macau. "

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