Bonnie the Border Collie

The day started out looking as though it was going to be a soggy cold wet morning but luckily for us the clouds cleared and the sun came out, just in time for our photo shoot at the GO Edwards Park, Burswood, right next door to the Casino. The parkland is beautiful with green grass, trees and beautiful gardens, and sitting right next to the river it was the perfect spot.

So, meet Bonnie, a gorgeous border collie girl, who is full of energy, typical of her breed. Being very intelligent, she is often, however easily distracted by all the goings on around her, and so we decided she best stay on lead the entire time.

Only 14 months old, Bonnie moved from home to home 4 times. Having some medical problems, she obviously was too much for some people. However, for Bonnie's sake she was saved by Janet, a thoughtful and caring lady, who having had border collies before couldn't resist Bonnie, and so took her in when she was a young pup and has been caring for her ever since. Having given Bonnie a stable and loving home, Bonnie has gained weight and has settled down more since being with Janet. Though sometimes she still can be handful, that is just the way Bonnie is, and that is OK with Janet.

Well who's been a naughty girl?

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