The Dog Scene in Attadale

What a joy it was to be down by the river photographing dogs and their owners. This is the first of many on great locations where you can take your dog for a walk and play, as well as enjoy the scenery yourself. With so many beautiful places here in Perth to take your dog, I am starting off with an area that I am very familiar with.

Attadale Reserve and Point Walter Dog Beach

Attadale Reserve is a gem of a place. The reserve runs along the Swan River foreshore on Burke Drive, and has a large dog walking area in close proximity to native areas. You will find in the early morning or early evening quite a few people down here with their dogs. Next to the reserve you have Troy Park and a conservation area where dogs are not permitted. With plenty of parking, it is easy for people from outside the area to come to.

This area is also a great backdrop for photos of your pet or family, with the city in the background, or native grasses and trees to capture the perfect shot.

Meet Deb and Ollie her sweet 9 year old Wippett, enjoying a walk and play at the park.

I meet this gentle boy Jed, a rescue dog with a beautiful playful nature down at the reserve. Being only 12 months old, he still may be growing. Janeile, his owner, wasn't expecting him to grow so big but she's happily taking it all in her stride.

Big open grassed area, enough room for your pooch to run and play happily.

Point Walter Dog Beach is such a great place to take your dog down for a swim or a run along the sandy shoreline and grassed area. If you’re not wanting to go to the beach this is the perfect place to go. You can even, if you’re lucky, watch dolphins swim by and watch little fish jump out of the water. If you come down here on a weekend in the morning or evening, you will find like-minded people here with their dog, especially on a balmy evening. And when done, you can walk down to the Point Walter Café and grab yourself a coffee with your pooch.

I particularly love this area for photo shoots, having blue water, white sand and blue sky brings out the best in a photo shoot.

Meet Jo and Odie. Jo's 9 year old beautiful Flat Coat Retriever, enjoying a day at Pt Walter Dog Beach. Odie loves fishing and will often be found wading in the water eyeing the fish that he can't catch. Jo told a gorgeous story of Odie in the water with dophins playing with him just off shore. That would have been an amazing thing to watch. Apparently it was recorded on camera and can be found on YouTube.

Meet Bazza, a Kelpie X, who was walking by with his owners Jill and Pete. Bazza is a rescue dog and what a lucky dog he is. Beautiful in nature, he truely was a delight to photograph.

Bazza getting a cuddle by Jill.

Jo and Jacqueline watching over their dogs, who joined up and they happen to be both black Flat-Coat Retrievers. Jacqueline's dog is called Delilah and the other is Odie, doing their fishing thing!!

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