Greyhound Birthday Bash!

Being asked to photograph a birthday party for greyhounds, I wasn’t at all sure of what it was all about. That was until I looked up Greyhounds Adoption WA’s website and read about the incredible work they do re-homing greyhounds in WA after the dogs retire from racing, But most importantly, the adoption of Australian bred greyhounds from Macau in China, where the authorities shut down the only legal greyhound racing venue after pressure from various groups on mistreatment of the dogs.

As soon as I realised how important this was to owners and their dogs, I jumped at the chance to photograph this momentous day and to give something back to this well-deserved group.

The celebration was for two of their greyhounds, Albi and Ivy, that were rescued and adopted from Macau and this get-together was to celebrate their first year in Perth.

Beth who organised the party and who owns Albi, did such a wonderful job putting all this together. The party was held at Booyeembara Park, Fremantle. Two cakes were ordered, one pink and the other blue from Go Fetch Bakery. There were speeches, a walk around the park and lake for the doggies and owners, and then a competition on who’s dog could do the cleverest trick or just do a trick … it was very entertaining. There was a singing dog (hilarious), a dog that loved to lean in to it’s owner for a cuddle, a little girl calling her dog to come to her, a jumping greyhound (quite impressive). And the winner was the singing dog - very talented!!

For anyone who is interested in adopting or wants to donate or just interested in Greyhounds, visit Greyhounds Adoption WA website here.

To read about the Macau racetrack closure, click here

Now check out the photos ...

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