Renee, Andrew & Pedro

It never surprises me how beautiful the weather can be in winter in Perth, and this day was no exception when I had the pleasure to photograph Renee, Andrew and their dog Pedro at the dog beach at Leighton/Mosman Beach in the late afternoon.

Pedro is a one and half year old handsome male Rhodesian Ridgeback X (possibly with boxer?). Renee and Andrew adopted him from the RSPCA at 6 months. When they picked him up he was very malnourished and timid around people. And all I can say what a wonderful job they have done with Pedro and what a lucky boy he is. Though he is a big boy, he is very playful, forever bringing them his toys for a bit of play time. He is a "total snuggler ... loves a movie avo on the couch and trying to sneak onto their bed in the middle of the night". So he's a ..."Couch potato!!! Loves to play with dogs and toys, but always ready for a nap and lazy couch afternoon." If only our own lives could be a simple as that.

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